How to Earn Money Online for Students Without Investment 2022 । 100$ Daily


How to Earn Money Online for Students Without Investment 2022

How to Earn Money Online for Students Without Investment । 100$ Daily

Everyone  wants to earn money in How to  Earn Money Online Hindi 2021  , whether he is a student, housewife or anyone who wants to earn money by doing part time work and for this you keep on searching the internet everyday, then your To answer all the questions, we have come up with some good and genuine ways to earn money online for you.


If we talk about earning money from the internet, then blogging is the best and most effective way. Many people around the world are making a good income through blogging. Many people do it part time and some people have adopted blogging for full time and why not. Blogging makes people sit at home every month . 

Earning up to Rs. The biggest advantage of this is that you can do blogging on your computer and you do not even need to go out of your house. You can also give information about any blog by creating a blog and Adsense on the blog.

Here you are your own boss. To start blogging, you do not even need to invest money in it, rather you can start it for free. You do not lose a single penny in blogging. So you can say that in blogging you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain. If someone works seriously in blogging and makes his blog famous, then even if he leaves blogging, a decent earning keeps coming. 

Your blog will earn you money even when you are sleeping. You can earn as much money as you want from blogging, but here we want to tell you after all that do not think at all that you have created a blog and money starts coming. I want to tell you the truth of blogging. 


Blogging asks you for a lot of hard work and passion to do something. In return, you can make a good income from here. After coming to the blogging field, even if you are conveying your information well to the people, it will take at least 6 months for you to earn a decent income. 

Apart from this, you will have to learn many things from the internet to do blogging, such as: - How to create a blog, how to place ads on a blog, how to put a post etc. But I want to tell you a basic thing that if you have started blogging. If you have made up your mind, then first of all you can try on the free platform and see whether you are able to blog or not. Also Read, How to post a post etc. 

But I want to tell you a basic thing that if you have made up your mind to blogging, then first of all you can try on the free platform and see whether you are able to blog or not. Also Read, How to post a post etc. But I want to tell you a basic thing that if you have made up your mind to blogging, then first of all you can try on the free platform and see whether you are able to blog or not. 

According to me, you can start your blogging career by creating your account on any one of these two. Blogger 2. WordPressCome on, at the moment you have to create a free account and try your hand at blogging. After that you have to enable Adsense on your blog, so that ads will start coming on your account, which will be your means of earning. 

The more people your blog The more ads will be shown in front of them and the more ads will be shown in front of them, the more you will earn. For your information, let me tell you that your earning from Ads will be in dollars and when you get 100 dollars then you You will be able to transfer those money to your account, but first of all, we will have to focus on our work not on money, only then you will be able to find your career in it and earn well like other big bloggers. So blogging is at number one in our list of earning money online.Watch Video:

Online Photo Selling

After Blogging, we have placed at number two, Online Photo SellingTo. So let's now talk about Online Photo Selling. There are many people who like to do photography and they have a good understanding of clicking photos. 

You must have seen many people around you who It is very much like to take photos and because of this hobby, they also buy expensive cameras, but they use that camera only for taking photos and take those photos and keep them with them for a few days and then delete them. Huh. We can see this thing in such a way that talent is being wasted here. 

Just imagine what will you do if you start getting money for the photos you have clicked, maybe you are finding this very strange to hear but This is really happening, many photographers are earning money by selling the photos taken by them online. 

how to earn money online about photo selling, it is interesting and just think if you are getting money only by following your hobby, then what can be a bigger thing in our life than this. You can sell any type of photos online. Such as: - Animals, Cultural, Sports, Historical, Travels, Food, Fashion or Natural.


Photos Selling Website

You can upload the photos clicked by you on these websites and when a client comes to this website and searches any photo of his meaning and he likes the photo put by you, then he will buy it and pay you. 

Some part will be kept by this middleman website and the rest will transfer to your account. There are many websites on the internet that pay you by selling your photos. Let me tell you the names of some of these selected websites. 

ShutterStock 2. Getty Images 3. I stock Photo 4. Images BazaarNow a question must have come in your mind that why would someone buy our photo and if someone needs a photo then why would he not download it from the internet. So I will give you the answer. 


See, all the photos on the internet have some owner or the other. Whoever has put that photo and when we search for a photo on google, all the photos you see there have some owner and if any such person downloads any of those photos, Brings in any commercial use or uses it anywhere on the internet, then the real owner of that photo can take legal action against him for doing so, that is, the simple thing is that you do not use any data present on the internet in the same way. 

Can because someone else has copyright on it. In such a situation, many big companies do not take such small risks and buy those photos from the internet for any use they need. For example: - You see daily many advertisements in the newspaper or you see any photos on any news channel, they are all their own or purchased.


You can understand freelancing in such a way that if a person has any talent, then he can use that art for others or it can be said that the service provided is called freelancing. 

you have good graphics designing. There is understanding and someone on the internet is looking for such a person who can do graphic design for any of his projects and you find him and he tells you about his project and decides the price of your work from you and you The work is done and submitted within the stipulated time frame, this whole process is called freelancing. 

Now freelancing can be of many types. Any work online can be included in this like: - Content Writing, Coding, Graphic Designing, Video Editing etc. Now you must have understood to a great extent what I want to say. Let us now know what is a freelancer and how does a freelancer work. 


Now it comes to how to contact those two people who want to do freelancing. So there are many good websites on the internet for that which takes the creator to the customer, all we have to do is create an account on these websites and Whatever skills are within us, we have to tell about them. Generally, thousands of freelancing websites will be found on the internet, which have no confidence that they can get you work or not. So for your convenience, we have done something. 

Good freelancing websites have been sorted. You can create an account on any of these and start work. Let me tell you one thing here that you do not have to keep your service rates too high so that the customer can reach you quickly, After creating the account, all your focus should be on the customer because here the customer gives you money as well as rating in return for your work, from which your ranking depends. 


So some good freelancing websites are given below on which you can create an account.Freelancer2. Content Mart3. Fiverr

Affiliate Marketing

how to earn money online hindi in indiaAffiliate marketing has its own place in the list of earning money because there is such a way of affiliate marketing through which a blogger gives a link to his own or another person's product in his article and when a visitor comes to his blog and he If that product is good, then that visitor buys that product, just like you buy any item from amazon. 

To use affiliate marketing, you need a lot of visitors, so if your website has a lot of visitors. If there are less visitors then there will be no use of doing your affiliate marketing.

Apart from blogging, you can also buy any product from the user by simply providing a link to any product, but nowadays it is being seen that the number of bloggers is increasing very fast in the world of internet and in this way Affiliate Marketing started being used more rapidly in blogging.In Amazon 2. Flipkart 3. SnapDeal Affiliate Program, you simply have to signup on their website and you can simply register. 


In this way you can provide a link to any product from them and do it in your blog. The main thing is that you do not have to pay a single penny from your pocket in this and you can earn as much money as you want in this field. Many people are already able to make good income from Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a good source of online earning ke tarike . Also Read,

Online Paid Survey

Online Surveys which is a very good option to earn how to earn money online hindi . We get this work not only in India but from different countries like:- Some companies from America, England, Singapore etc. give us to do this work and we get money for being a part of survey. 

Online Paid Company Like :- Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Nokia etc. To find out the reach and quality of their product, they do online paid surveys, so that they know the bond between their product and the customer, whether the customer is satisfied with their product or not. 

For example, you will be asked which phone. The processor is good and if you give a correct and good answer, then you get from $ 0.10 to $ 0.50, which is around 6 to 30 rupees in Indian rupees.

how to earn money from online survey

To earn money by doing such paid surveys, first of all you have to know that the market is full of genuine websites as well as fake websites, which also take money from you in the name of joining and then do fraud. You login only on such website which really give you your hard earned money and do not even ask for money to join you.


 It is not difficult to find the difference between Genuine and Fake website. So that you do not have to face this problem, so that we have sorted these websites separately and kept them separate. Toluna 2. iPanel Online3. Star Panel4. Ipoll 5. PaidViewPoint


URL Shortener

URL shortener simply means that it is not very difficult to shorten the URL and it is not very difficult to do this work. It is very easy to wish short money to the URL, you just have to shorten the URL and then ads are placed on the short URL. Clicks on that Ad, before the main page opens, there is an Ad show in front of it and we get paid for that Ad. Now let's talk about how it works. 

Google is the most used search engine. When you search anything on Google, the web page opens in front of you and the address of that web page is called URL. Which is usually quite big in appearance. You can enlarge this URL with the help of any shortener and then you can earn money from it. 

To earn money, you have to promote that shortener link, the more people see your link, the more money you will earn. When any user clicks on that shortener link, then he The link will first take it to the shortener's website and by taking it there will show an ad to the user, which benefits that website and gives some part of it to you. Now if we talk about URL Shortner website, then this website will give you 1000 views. 

The average gives from 5 dollars to 10 dollars. You can make a good income with URL Shortner. People are already withdrawing very good income from this, if you want, you can try it, it is a good option to earn money online. Given below are some websites of URL Shortner which give you a good rate.Ally2. Clkim3. Shorte.st4.  


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YouTube : How to earn money online 

YouTube is a video sharing platform on which any person in the world can upload videos. This is a free platform for which you do not have to pay any kind of money. You can upload related videos on it in any way. After Google, YouTube is the world's largest search engine, anyone who is reading our post must have used YouTube. is available for. Such as:- Entertainment, Technology, General Information, Educational (tutorials), Business etc. 

Which helps us a lot. Before the video starts on YouTube, there is an Ad show. When we see that ad, then the owner of that video gets money. That is, people are making good income from YouTube and nowadays SIM service has become so cheap that you will get to watch YouTube in everyone's phone and The number of people who put YouTube videos has also gone up. 

In such a situation, any person can run a YouTube channel of his own with some hard work and can earn. I know you must be thinking that to be famous on YouTube We have to make video and for that we will need expensive camera and lens then it is not at all because you can make a good quality video with the help of your mobile too, that video can be on any topic. 

Now it's turn To edit that video, you do not even need a laptop or computer for that, you can do that on your mobile itself. You can edit the video and also upload it to your channel from the phone itself. When all the work from making videos to uploading is being done from our phone, then anyone can create a YouTube channel and use it.Online earning can be done, but on YouTube, you have to work very seriously and make sacrifices to grow your channel, if you grow your channel once, then the next things are very easy for you. Become.



Instagram is a part of Facebook which is a fast growing social media. Everyone knows this, but you will find it very strange to hear that is it possible that we can earn money on Instagram by doing a little hard work. 


how to earn money online hindi 2021 Yes, if you have a good crowd follower on Instagram then you can earn money by uploading only one photo on Instagram, just imagine you have to upload only one photo but condition is your You should have more than 10-15 thousand followers only then you can do this on YouTubeIn the era of , TikTok and many more such platforms, there will be millions of people on Instagram who have more than 20 thousand followers but they are not aware of it. 

So let me introduce you to this form of Instagram as well. In fact, every company wants that its product should reach every person in the world, that is, every person buys their product, for this they take the help of ads and sponsors. 

Here instead of the company, there may be a person who wants to promote his own Instagram profile. To earn money from Instagram, you can use the iFluenez website to find Instagram Influence sponsors where you will find many good You will get deals. 



I hope you liked our how to earn money online hindi 2021 post. If you liked our post, then you can tell us by commenting and also share this information with your friends.

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