How to Earn Money Online Without Investment in Mobile 2022


How to Earn Money Online Without Investment in Mobile 2022

How to Earn Money Online Without Investment in Mobile 2022

How to Earn Money Online Without Investment in Mobile 2022: Internet Se Make Money Online Karne Ke 5 Best Tarike:  Friends, in today's date the Internet has reached every village, city and house. Whether it is any kind of business, education or promotion of anything or talking about earning money online, then the Internet is becoming a very big medium for all these things.


Nowadays, every small and big businessman is engaged in taking his business further through the Internet. In today's date, a lot of people are earning money online sitting at home only through internet.


Now if we talk about earning money online from the Internet, then through the Internet in many ways you can do Online Earning sitting at home. So today we are going to tell you in which ways you can earn money from internet just by sitting at your home.

How to Earn Money Online Without Investment 2022

There are many such platforms in the Internet world. With which you can make money online. To earn money online it is very important for you to have proper knowledge of internet. Because there are many platforms, I mean websites, that promise you to earn money online, but when it comes to paying money, you are forced to face a lot of problems.


So today we are going to tell you about some such Online Money Making Platforms , if you start earning money through any of these Online Money Making Platform then you will not have to face any kind of trouble in future. By the way, earning money from the Internet is not such an easy task.


You would think that with the help of internet, some people keep printing thousands of millions of months very easily just sitting at home, but believe me, a lot of hard work is hidden behind this. Yes, to earn money from the internet, you also need to work hard, it is not that if you have mobile, computer and internet then you can earn money sitting at home in a pinch.


Along with hard work, you have to do smart work here, only then you can earn thousands of lakhs a month from the internet. So let's know in which ways you can earn money sitting at home from the internet?

How to Earn Money Online Without Investment in Mobile 2022

1st. Blogging Se Paise Kaise Kamaye?

How to Make Money online from Blog in Hindi: If you can write very well about anything, if you have the art of explaining your words to others in a good way, then you can make your career in blogging very well . can.


You must have seen many blogs or websites on the Internet so far , some related to technology, some related to health, some related to shopping, and somewhere you get to see daily news. So if you have very good knowledge in any field, you can explain it well to people, then you can create your own blog or website in the same way and then you can earn money through internet sitting at home.

image source: How to earn money from internet by creating blog?

By the way, earning money from blog is not so easy that you created a blog, you put a lot of information on that block and after that money starts coming to you immediately. No, it is not like that, you have to put a lot of hard work and patience behind it. After creating a blog, you have to keep posting articles related to the area in which your blog is related.


As soon as a lot of traffic starts coming to your blog every day. If people start reading your blog, then you can earn money by placing ads on your blog. Google AdSense for Ads is the most famous in today's date. Advertisements are given only through Google Adsense on big websites or blogs. Apart from this, you can also earn a good amount of money through your blog from Affiliate Marketing .


Anyway, to make a good blog and to become a successful blogger, you also need to have knowledge of some things like what is a 

domain name? What is 

Web Hosting? What is

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? , etc. Only then can you be successful in earning money online from your blog .

How to Earn Money Online 2022

2nd. YouTube Se Online Paise Kaise Kamaye?

YouTube par video upload karke paise kaise Kamaye?: Nowadays YouTube is becoming the biggest medium to earn money online. As I told in blogging that if you can write very well about something then you can make a career in blogging.

In the same way, if you have very good knowledge in any field and you can explain it to the people very well, then you can earn very well from YouTube. Not only you can earn money but also name from YouTube. You can become a star with the help of YouTube. 

If you have talent like Dancing, Singing, Comedy then you can make and put your own video related to it on YouTube. Here too, you get money only through advertising of Google Adsense.

But to earn money from YouTube, you first have to create a YouTube channel and after that you have to enable Monetization on it, only then you   can earn money by putting videos on YouTube .

3rd. How To Earn Money Online From Affiliate Marketing?

Nowadays Affiliate Marketing has also become a huge source to earn money online. As many websites of online shopping are there on the internet, most of them have their own affiliate program .


Affiliate marketing is such a way to earn money in which you have to promote the products of any online shopping website on your blog or website. 


To promote, you post a link to that product on your blog or website by adding it to your Affiliate Link and if any of your visitors who come to your website click on that affiliate link, go to that online shopping website and do some shopping. If you do, then you are given a commission of some percentage according to the purchase. The income that you get from that commission is called income from affiliate marketing.


If you want to know the Affiliate Program in a very simple way, then let's say that you do a shop and you tell 10 people to increase your business that if you bring customers to my shop and the customers you bring to me If you buy some items from the shop, then we will give you 5%, 8% or whatever commission according to the percentage of their purchase. You just kept on bringing more and more customers to us.


So the Affiliate Program works in the same way, in which all the online shopping websites on the Internet say that you join our Affiliate Program and promote our product on your blog or website.

And if a customer comes to our website by you and makes some purchase, then according to his shopping, we will give you some percentage of commission. So affiliate marketing is also a good tool if you want to earn money sitting at home with the help of online internet.

4th. How To Earn Money From Content Writing Or Freelancing?

If you can write well enough about something. If you keep a lot of good information about something, then it is not necessary that you should have a blog or website, you can earn money by writing content for others' blog or website.


Yes, nowadays a lot of people are earning money by writing content for others. There are many websites on the Internet that hire people online to write the best content and then get them to write the content and put it on their website. Such as  Contentmart , UpWork and (Truelancer) . 

You will find many websites on similar internet for which you can also work as a content writer. The more good and longer articles you write here, the more you get paid. So this is also a very good way if you want to earn money online sitting at home.

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5th. Make Money Online From Fiverr.Com?

 Fiverr  is a very popular website to earn money online. If you are expert in anything like logo design, video editing, photo editing, content writing, then you can earn a lot of money with the help of this website. .


This website works in two ways. What I mean to say is that there are 2 types of people working on this website. One is the people who take the help of online people to get their work done and give them money in return for the work.


And who are other people, now you must have understood that we and those people like you who want to earn money online. That is, on this website you get a lot of companies like someone wants to design their own logo, someone wants to edit their photo, someone wants to edit their video, someone wants to write content for their website, someone wants to make their own Wants to do website design.

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So, you can register for that work by visiting this website and after that the more work you do, the more money you will get. So if you are thinking about earning money online then this is also a good platform to earn money online.


By the way, if I talk about my Online Earning Platform, then it is in front of you, yes I earn through Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing of Blogging . Now you have to think in which field you can do well, only then choose that platform.

Hope you liked this information “5 Best Ways to Earn Money from the Internet” ! Do tell us your thoughts about this through the comment box and if you want to ask anything else related to this, then you can also ask through the Comment Box .

Thank you for giving time to INDI GYAN.


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