How often Should I Check my Blood Sugar as a Prediabetes

How often Should I Check my Blood Sugar as a Prediabetes

How often Should I Check my Blood Sugar as a Prediabetes

How often Should I Check my Blood Sugar as a Prediabetes: Currently, diabetes is considered as a disease. The number of diabetic patients is increasing day by day. If the blood sugar of a patient with diabetes increases, he has to suffer from various problems. Therefore, it is very important for diabetic patients to measure blood sugar regularly and monitor whether the sugar level is correct. So regular monitoring of sugar level will make controlling diabetes very easy. 

It is important to always keep a blood sugar meter close at home to avoid various health problems in diabetic patients. We know the name of the diabetes measuring device is  Glucometer . With the help of this device, you can easily determine the blood sugar level i.e. the number of points of diabetes level at home. 

How often Should I Check my Blood Sugar as a Prediabetes

A fingertip is lightly pricked with a fine needle called a lancet while testing for diabetes . Then when the blood comes out, take a drop of blood on the testing strip and insert it into the glucometer machine to test for diabetes very easily. How often Should I Check my Blood Sugar as a Prediabetes

When to do a diabetes test?

Many people want to know when to do diabetes test. Usually, doctors tell diabetic patients to measure their blood sugar 4 times a day, i.e. on an empty stomach and two hours after each meal. However, sometimes depending on the patient's health and lifestyle, the amount of diabetes measured may be more or less. So tell the doctor about your diabetes condition and know the right advice for you.

Everything you need to measure diabetes at home

  • Blood sugar measuring machine or glucometer.

  • Sterile and clean lancet.

  • Plastic pen for lancet insertion.

  • Test strip.

  • You will find all of them in the pharmacy. When you buy glucometer you can buy all together.

Diabetes test rules at home

Here are 7 ways to measure diabetes at home. All the steps are mentioned below-

How often Should I Check my Blood Sugar as a Prediabetes

1. First you need to wash your hands thoroughly. In this case, wash your hands thoroughly with soap or handwash and then dry your hands thoroughly.  Disinfecting hands with hand sanitizer instead of soap will also work. But wait until the finger is completely dry. How often Should I Check my Blood Sugar as a Prediabetes

2. Take a test strip and insert it into the designated area of ​​the glucometer. Different types of glucometers are available in the market . Each glucometer strip is different. So choose the right strip according to the model of the glucometer. Counterfeit or expired strips are available in the market so be careful while buying.

3. Then attach a lancet inside the plastic pen and remove the lancet cover. If you do not understand how to insert the pen or use it, check the instructions in the leaflet inside the glucometer packet or its instructions for use. A new needle must be used each time diabetes is measured and a needle that has been used once cannot be reused.

4. Now hold the pen on any side of the finger and pierce the tip of the finger with a needle. It can be more painful to do normally, so holding the pen on one side of the finger will reduce the pain. A different finger should be used each time the blood sugar is measured. A normal drop of blood from a fingertip puncture is enough to measure blood sugar or diabetes in a glucometer.

5. Then put a drop of blood on the test strip attached to the glucometer. The finger should be gripped very well so that a drop of blood can come out and fill the designated area of ​​the test strip. If the blood level is too low, the result may be incorrect or the glucometer may show an error (ERROR) on the screen. 

6. Within a few seconds of filling the test strip with blood, the blood sugar and diabetes points will appear on the screen of the glucometer.  The reading on the glucometer screen is usually shown in mmol/l (millimol/liter) units. If someone's point comes to 6 mmol/l on the glucometer screen, then diabetes or blood sugar level of 6 points is considered at that time.

However, there are different glucometers in which the calculation is shown in mg/dL (milligrams/deciliter) units. It may seem like a little problem. But don't worry. A result in units of mg/dL is actually divided by 18 to give a result in units of mmol/l.

To keep track of diabetes levels or blood sugar levels, it is best to note down the results with the date and time after each test in a specific diary or notebook.

7. Finally, clean the glucometer thoroughly and dispose of the used needle and strips in the waste basket. Do not try to reuse the needle and strip once they have been used. After regular testing, take care of the glucometer and keep it clean and sterilized according to the instructions.

How much diabetes is normal?

Blood sugar readings are different in healthy people and diabetics. For people with diabetes, doctors set blood sugar targets based on their current condition and health.

What is the normal blood sugar level for a healthy person and a diabetic patient is mentioned below-  How often Should I Check my Blood Sugar as a Prediabetes

Normal blood sugar levels for healthy people

A healthy person's blood sugar should be 4 to 6 points on an empty stomach and below 8 points 2 hours after eating.

Normal blood sugar levels for diabetics are:

Diabetics should have 4 to 7 points on an empty stomach and 8 to 9 points 2 hours after eating. This is the normal range.

How many people die of diabetes?

It is difficult to say precisely how many people die from diabetes. In elderly people, it can become serious even if it increases slightly. But overall, if it increases more than normal, heart attack or stoke can die.

What is the price of diabetes measuring machine?

The price of diabetes measuring machine varies according to the model. Available from minimum 600 taka to 3000 taka. While buying pen strips, buy these carefully.


Diabetes is a serious disease nowadays. The most important thing to avoid this disease is precaution. It is possible to survive and control diabetes if you are careful about exercise and diet.  

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