What is the Best Supplement for Regular Bowel Movements

what is the best supplement for regular bowel movements

what is the best supplement for regular bowel movements

Improving digestion is very important. If the digestive power is weak, the food is not digested properly after eating. If the digestion process is not done properly, various problems occur in the stomach. Again, if this digestive process is not done properly, it can sometimes cause major problems. 

So proper digestion of food is very important. So in today's article I will discuss in detail about the ways to increase digestion and tablets to increase digestion . What is the Best Supplement for Regular Bowel Movements

what is the best supplement for regular bowel movements

Digestive problems are very common in our country. Because we eat more fried food or non-nutritious food from outside, as a result of which we have more digestive problems. So it is very important to eliminate this digestive problem . So we need to increase our digestive power to digest food properly.

And if the food is not properly digested, then various physical problems may arise . If the digestion process is not proper, various problems such as diarrhoea, acidity, constipation, obesity, malnutrition and other problems can arise. Therefore, proper digestion of food is very important to stay healthy. What is the Best Supplement for Regular Bowel Movements

Why is there a problem with digestion or  what is the reason for not digesting food?

There are many reasons behind the indigestion of food. Some bad habits and some eating habits in our daily life hinder our food digestion. As a result, various problems arise. So the reasons for not digesting food are mentioned below:

1/ Drinking less water: Water  is the most necessary for food digestion. If we drink less water in our daily life, we have problems digesting food. As a result, indigestion occurs.

2/ Eating food too fast:  We eat a lot of food in a hurry which should not be done at all. Because eating fast food does not chew the food very well. As a result, the food goes into his stomach in a very solid and solid state. Which later causes problems in digestion.

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3/ Exercising on a full stomach after eating: We all know that exercise is very beneficial for the body. But if we do it on a full stomach after eating, then the food in the stomach causes indigestion.

4/ Overdose of drugs: Taking excess drugs causes very bad reactions on the body. Taking too much medicine causes the acid levels in the body to vary. Which creates various other problems apart from digestion.

5/ Oily fried  food: One of the major reasons behind indigestion is eating oily fried food. We all love to eat fried food. Fried food in roadside shops is unhealthy. After eating so much dust, we have digestive problems and due to excess oiliness, it forms gastritis.

6/ Smoking:  It is written on the packet that smoking is harmful to health, smoking causes stroke, cancer. This smoking can cause indigestion. People who smoke take more time to digest their food than a normal person and cause sudden indigestion.


7/ Excessive drinking: Excessive drinking causes indigestion. This is because excessive drinking causes the cells in the body to shrink by removing water from your body. This causes indigestion due to lack of water.

Apart from the above mentioned bad habits, there are various other bad habits which hinder the digestion of our food. So if you have this problem of indigestion, then first give up these harmful habits completely.

Symptoms of indigestion or problems that occur when food is not digested

If the food is not digested, various problems arise, some of the symptoms are mentioned below:

  • Stomach ache

  • Stomach gas and bloating

  • Burning in the stomach or upper abdomen

  • Bloating

  • Nausea with or without vomiting

  • Abdominal rumbling or gurgling and discomfort

  • Constipation or diarrhea

  • Decreased appetite


Ways to increase digestive power

Good health is essential for a healthy and normal life. And in order to have good health, it is very necessary to maintain or increase the digestive power. If the digestion is not right, the whole body becomes weak. And so increasing the digestive power in the body is very important. As our digestive power decreases due to some of our bad habits, some natural ways can increase that digestive power. Let's know the natural way to increase digestion power.

One should practice chewing food well. The better you chew your food, the better your digestive system will be. And these digestives help to digest the food properly.

★ Lemon is very useful for digestion . So you can keep lemon with food. Lemon helps to digest food very easily. If you have digestive problems, you can drink lemonade after eating.

Eat a sufficient amount of calcium rich food daily to increase digestion power . Calcium is very beneficial for improving our digestion.

 Many people can't eat milk because they have digestive problems, so they can eat yogurt as an alternative to milk. Yogurt is very effective in improving digestion. Yogurt fulfills the calcium and proton needs of our body and it also helps in digestion of food.

You can drink green tea or mint leaf tea to increase the digestion power of food . Drinking this tea twice a day helps in digestion due to its rich antioxidants.

You can keep more fiber foods in your daily diet to increase digestion power . Fibrous foods absorb water easily, helping to improve digestion. You can eat regular fibrous foods such as vegetables, fruits, salads, chia seeds, and strawberries. Also, vegetables and fruits that have high water content, such as watermelon, cucumber, tomato, gourd, etc., should be kept regularly in the diet.

★ Water is most important for food digestion . Without water we cannot digest any food properly. Drinking water does no harm to the body. So drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. But drink water before eating and shortly after eating. But do not drink excess water between meals as it causes indigestion.

Food should be eaten at the right time. Especially dinner should be eaten between 7:30 PM and 8:00 PM. Do not eat late at night and do not sleep immediately after eating. Dinner should be eaten 2 hours before sleep.

Regular exercise is very beneficial for health. Regular exercise helps in proper digestion of food. Try to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Apart from that you can do walking, jogging and cycling. However, do not exercise on a full stomach after eating, on the contrary, it causes problems in digesting food.

Try to sleep 7–8 hours a day and make it a habit to wake up earlier in the morning. It is very beneficial for health and improves digestion. 

Try to stay free from tension and stress. Because excessive anxiety disrupts the digestive process. What is the Best Supplement for Regular Bowel Movements


Name of Digestive Enhancing Tablets

If you have excessive digestion problems, you can take natural remedies as well as digestive power tablets . Many people want to know the name of the digestive energy tablet for them, the name of the digestive energy tablet along with its price is mentioned below:


Drug Name (Syrup/Tablet) → Company Name → Price

  • Lysivin (Tablet) → Square → 120/-

  • Neuro-B (Tablet) → Square → 240/-

  • Bicozin (Tablet) → Square → 90/-

  • Megenox (Syrup) → Acme → 500/-

  • Neural gin (Tablet) → Ibn-Sina → 5/-

  • Neobion (Tablet) →Aristopharma →8/-

  • Neucos-B (Tablet) → Radiant → 11/-

  • TPC (Tablet) → Acme → 8/-

  • Bost (Syrup) → General → 8/-

  • B126 (Tablet) → Popular → 8/-

  • Serobion (Syrup) → Leon → 5/-

  • I-vita (Syrup) → Opsonin → 10/-


Digestive energy is essential for our health. Eat nutritious food regularly and avoid causes of indigestion. Hope everyone will benefit from getting to know the details about the ways to increase digestion and the name of tablets to increase digestion . thank you

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